Cold Starters

Homemade special dish made out of black olives
Jamón Iberico de Bellota
with tosted bread and grated tomato
Salmon Tartar
Tuna Tataki

Warm starters

Grilled Cuttlefish
Homemade Croquettes
Jamon and/or Chicken
Deep Fried Squid
Grilled Squid
Octopus leg
with homemade smashed potato
Sautéed artichokes with prawns and Iberian Ham
Foie Médaillon
with caramelazied onion and Boletus
'Broken' eggs
with Iberian Ham and rosemary potatoes

Main Courses


Rice classic dishes
"Gambas al ajillo"
Prawns fried in olive oil with chili and garlic
Sautéed Lobster
with garlic shoots

Rice classic dishes

Arroz 7 Percebes
with garlic shots, artichokes and lobster
Paella valenciana de "la Terreta"
Classic Valencian Paella
Arroz del senyoret
Classic rice dish with different types of fish
Arroz de verduras (Vegan)
Rice with seasonal vegetables
Arroz meloso de bogavante
Creamy rice with lobster
Arroz meloso de pato y boletus
Creamy rice with duck and mushrooms

Meat Dishes

Mini Angus Burger
served with side dish
Angus Burger
served with side dish
Beed Fillet
with special potatoes aromatised with rosemary
Grilled Lizard
optionally can be served with foie
Lamb chops
with our homemade delicious potatoes
Beef Entrecot
with special potatoes

Fish Dishes

Hake Special Los 7 Percebes
Grilled Hake wih roasted veggies.
Grilled turbot
with surprise side dish
Special Valencian Fish Dish
Fresh grilled Tuna
with roasted veggies
Roasted Salmon
with surprise side dish

Sweet taste

Homemade Desserts

Tocino de cielo
Classic dessert made with egg yolk and sugar
Fresh Fruit
Coulant du chocolat
with cream
Brownie with vanilla icecream
vanilla, turron and chocolate